Embryo Transfer & Recipient Mare Lease – $3,500.00

Our Embryo Transfer Pregnancy Fee & Recipient Mare Lease is billed once we see a viable pregnancy with heartbeat in the recipient mare. If the transfer does not produce a pregnancy there is no transfer charge. All embryo transfer pregnancies performed by Champion Embryo Transfer Service are backed by our Live Foal Guarantee.

Donor Mare Flush (Haul in/Non-Managed) – $500.00

Includes sedation and uterine flush to recover an embryo from a mare that has been managed and bred elsewhere.

Embryo Vitrification – $500.00

Includes the preparation and freezing for storage of one embryo.

Pregnant Recipient Board – $15.00

General mare care for recipient mares that remain in the recipient herd. Board starts on day 31 age of embryo.