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Welcome to Champion Embryo Transfer Service

Although breeding season can always be a bit hectic, the 2020 season was definitely over the top. Champion Embryo Transfer Service is happy to have made it through despite the unexpected pandemic and the unforeseen demand for recipient mares last year. As always, we are taking the opportunity to learn from the challenges, grow and improve our recip herd, and enhance our services. Here are a few of the things we are doing to make 2021 even better.

Budgeting: Due to the increasing costs of horses, alfalfa, fuel, and other supplies; this year we are increasing our ET Pregnancy Fee & Recipient Mare Lease to $3,500. All other fees are remaining unchanged! Although we have had the same fee for over 5 years, throughout that time we have continually added in more services at no charge. We still believe in charging for success rather than anticipation, which is why we do not bill our pregnancy fees until we see a viable heartbeat. We also do not charge any deposits, booking fees, ICSI fees, or transfer fees. We do all of this to help make it easy for you to plan, budget, and pay for your breeding season.

Prepay Special: This year we decided to make our Prepay Special even bigger and better!! Lock in last year’s price and save $500 per ET Pregnancy Fee & Recipient Mare Lease. To top it off, there is no limit to the number of prepays this year! Make your payment by January 31st, 2021 and we will apply it to your account as we get pregnancies for you throughout the season. The prepay special also guarantees we will have a recip ready when your mare ovulates. If for some reason you do not end up with as many pregnancies as you paid for, we will simply refund the remaining balance at the end of the season after July 1st, 2021.

Live Foal Guarantee: I repeat this every year because our Live Foal Guarantee is still the best deal in the industry! It gives you the security of knowing that if your recip does not produce a live foal that stands and nurses, we will do another embryo transfer without charging a second ET Pregnancy Fee & Recipient Mare Lease. We offer this on all our embryo transfers, even ICSI’s, without any additional booking fees, deposits, or insurance policies.

Scoping All Recip Mares: Especially with the current pandemic, everyone is aware of how much a disease outbreak can affect our daily lives. To help minimize the chance of something similar spreading through your herd, Champion Embryo Transfer Service scopes all of our recip mares before sending them home to help safeguard our clients from receiving any mares that, although may not show any signs of illness, may be asymptomatic carriers.

Great Recip Mares: Every year Champion Embryo Transfer Service takes the opportunity to improve our recip herd, both in numbers and quality of recip. It takes more than just a good uterus to carry your next champion to its greatest potential. We rely on feedback from our clients to help with this. If you get a recip from us that for whatever reason you would not want back, likely the next client would not want her either. You may also help us plan accordingly by reaching out and discussing your plans for the breeding season so we can ensure that we have the best recips ready for you.

Customer Service: Although CETS has grown substantially over the last few years, customer service is still at our core. We strive to work and communicate efficiently with you and your veterinarian to guarantee we have the best success rates and client satisfaction.

These are just a few of the steps Champion Embryo Transfer Service is taking to earn and keep your business. Please do not hesitate to call, text, or email if there is anything we can do to make your experience better. We look forward to your continued business and making your breeding season as successful and smooth as possible.

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